Hello Ladies,

Thank you for joining in the Advent Adventure. In the waiting we see the wrongs and feel the pain. We cry in our darkness and look for the light. Injustice is all around us but God knows all things and the story is not finished. Your story is also in the making and God will use on this timeline in history. Baby Jesus is the Hope and Light we need today! Together we go on this adventure to learn the past and remember our new beginnings. Outside of our faith life is EMPTY. May todays teaching be a blessings.

We meet weekly on Fridays at 1pm EST on You Tube live! Over 100 women met yesterday to discuss the idea of having HOPE in the waiting. I loved interacting!

Handouts for December are available if you would like to see the schedule!

Join the adventure and let this Christmas bring you personal JOY in this season.


Heather Baxter

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