There is much to be gained from increasing our knowledge. But this is not the same as godly wisdom. God is prepared to reveal deeper revelations that can transform our lives, profound insights the world will never understand. As the Bible states, Fear of the Lord is the foundation of wisdom (Proverbs 9:10).

The key to real wisdom is to start with God, and to stand on the timeless principles in His Word even if this means looking foolish in the sight of the world.

In April we will look to God and learn to RUN our individual races. We all need to believe, behold and become what God intends in this season of life.

I know times are strange and it seems like one big APRIL FOOLS DAY but we will endure and WIN in the end. We need to FEED our faith more then ever and stay ahead of the mess and find the message each day!

I am honored to study the word with you in APRIL!

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