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Today we has an AMAZING LIVE study. You may need to watch this a few times to let it all soak in.

God has called you to dream big dreams.

Every God-given dream requires faith in order to reach it. So, how can you determine if your faith is BIG enough for your dreams? Remember your dream is the side of a seed and you need only that much faith! God will do the rest. JUST SOW SOMETHING. xo

In Matthew 9:28, two blind men asked Jesus to give them their sight. Jesus responded by asking them, “Do you believe I’m able to do this?” Jesus put the responsibility back on them. Without hesitation they answered, “Yes, Lord!”

Before you set out to do something with your faith, ask yourself this question: Do I really believe God is able to do this? If you can’t immediately answer “Yes, Lord!” You’re not ready.

“Be it unto you according to your faith!” (Matthew 9:29)

So, how do you develop your faith level to match your dream level?

It’s been said that in order to have something different, you must be willing to DO something different.

We’ve all been given the measure of faith! (Romans 12:3) Just like we all were born with the same amount of muscles. The only difference between my muscles and those of the Power Team is that their muscles have been developed more than mine.

It works the same way in the spirit. The more your faith grows and develops, the more you can handle. . One has developed their faith to a greater degree. We are all learning and growing.

How does faith grow?

The #1 method God has given us to increase our faith is found in Romans 10:17. “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”

Faith will GROW as you spend time hearing God’s Word. That’s easy. Every time you listen to a faith-building message, your faith grows. But just as faith comes by hearing, faith also GOES by not hearing.

If you want FAITH for BIG DREAMS, you have to turn it up a notch! “

Thanks for all the work you have put in by faith this week! Excited for another week of growing with everyone!

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Blessings, Heather