A collision into destiny will prepare you for every life challenge!

I chose the book of NEHEMIAH for several reasons. The book of Nehemiah details the inspiring story of people doing God’s work despite significant challenges, opposition, and threats to their survival. It’s also an instructive account of a return to faithfulness after a period of laxity. And the book provides encouraging insight into the kind of leadership required to bring these things about. The book of Nehemiah is related to the book of Ezra. The overall purpose of Ezra and Nehemiah is to affirm that God works sovereignly to accomplish His redemptive objectives. Ezra emphasizes the religious dimensions of building a nation; Nehemiah emphasizes the political and military dimensions of the task. About 12 years after Ezra first returned to Jerusalem, a Jewish man, Nehemiah, was serving as a royal official in the court of King Artaxerxes in Susa, a winter residence that served as one of the royal seats. While serving the Persian king, he received news that despite the return of thousands of Jewish exiles to Judea in recent decades, Jerusalem’s wall was still in ruins and the city remained exposed to danger. In Nehemiah 1:1-11 we see Nehemiah’s initial response to the news of this tragedy – he fasted and prayed, seeking God’s divine guidance.

I feel we all face tragedy in this life. The way we handle our challenge could change us and other forever!

I pray this study is a blessing to all that step in!

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