Today's Newsletter FRIDAY JULY 16,2021

We don’t have to put the puzzle pieces of our lives together. When it’s time for one season to end and another to begin, God will bring it to pass without our help, or in some cases, in spite of our help. (I’ve gotten in His way more than once and I do not recommend it. It slows down the season change and hinders what He’s trying to do!) When we learn to let go of the puzzle pieces and give them to Him, we can then watch as He puts the pieces together for us.

Sometimes, we don’t have any clarity at all about what God’s doing in our lives, but we can sense that change is coming. If you’re in a season where you know God is leading you to some sort of change, but you have no idea what that change will look like, stay connected to Him in prayer and let Him do the work of putting the puzzle together. It’s easy to become bored or frustrated where we’re at, and it can be even easier to try to rush a season change, but we can’t allow ourselves to get distracted by what’s going on around us (or by what’s not going on around us). We must stay surrendered to Him, and being surrendered to Him means also being surrendered to His timing and ways. Being surrendered to His timing and ways is the hardest part for me, but I’ve learned from experience that rushing ahead of Him or getting in His way by “helping” Him only makes things worse.

If we stay focused on Him, obedient to Him, and seek His glory above our own, He will not only bring about His plans for us, but He will confirm them, establish them, and bless them above anything we could ask or think. That’s a promise! (Ephesians 3:20)

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