How to know the WILL OF GOD for your life!

How do you find the will of God? You see, God loves you, and me, far more than we can ever truly comprehend. He loves us; he’s actually crazy about us – and he wants to be an active part in our lives everyday. He is the Spirit, and he wants to walk with us, to talk with us, to give us advice, to give us comfort, to give us direction. He wants to live his life together with us; and that’s why he offers to personally lead us, and invites us to personally follow.

Surrender To Him and "do not be conformed to this world"--or worldly ways of doing things--"but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove"--there will be no doubt!--"what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God." Romans 12:1

Sometimes to find out what God's will is, we have to first find what it isn't. If, after trying these seven ways listed below, you still aren't sure you have found the will of God, take the first step in the direction you think He is leading you. A boat has to be in motion before the rudder can take effect. Take one step, then stop and ask God to confirm that you're going the right direction. Then if the answer's not clear or you're still not sure, give it some time. God may be waiting for certain circumstances to be right before He can show you any more than He has to put yourself in MOTION to finding God's Will for your life or a particular decision.

1.READ THE WORD OF GOD The WORD is the source of all wisdom. Only He views your life from an eternal and comprehensive perspective. Allow Him to become part of your decision–making process and guarantee yourself a lifetime of success. I highly recommend reading the word daily during this time. Jump into a chronological reading plan and do that days reading.  The Holy Spirit will speak to you through the Word for your personal life. Click Here to get your daily reading schedule.  Always check your decision against God’s Word. James 3:15-17 provides the characteristics of true godly wisdom: “But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.” Have the courage to ask yourself whether your choice meets these qualifications for God’s wisdom, or whether there are still any outside influences directing your path. If you sense any anxiety or confusion, keep in the word and praying.  God’s wisdom will direct your paths in a peaceful manner.

2. PRAYER If we want what God wants for us, we must add one more thing to our list. Take a few minutes each day to be still. Slow down and take time to hear His voice. Ask Him to reveal His plan to you.  God will always respond. Spending time with the kindest Being in the Universe will change your life forever. Daniel 6:10 (NIV), “Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before”.. Talk to God 3 times a day during this week of seeking God's will. 3. SEEK GODLY COUNSEL Note: Godly counsel means godly counsel, not good opinions from nice people! Godly counsel comes from God which means that a godly counselor is one who knows the Word of God, is spending quality time with God in prayer, and is living a godly life. I’ve seen too many people follow counsel from someone who is religious, but not godly, and they end up sending you in the wrong direction. 4. FAST Fast for 24 hours no food just water. During this time your spirit becomes uncluttered and more sensitive to the things of God.


Not only does God speak to us through His Word, and not only will He never contradict His Word, but God also speaks through circumstances. Although I'm not one to base major life decisions on circumstances alone, there have clearly been times when I have sensed that something was the will of God and then things would fall into place circumstantially. At other times, circumstances have made it obvious that God was saying "no." A classic example of God speaking through circumstances was when God spoke to Gideon, who laid his fleece out on the ground, asking God to confirm His Word. Certainly, Jonah got the right message when God brought his journey to an abrupt halt, and he found himself in the belly of a very large fish. Of course, as a part of this process, God speaks to us through people.

For example, there have been times when I have been listening to a someone preach or have been talking with a friend, and suddenly what he is saying addresses the situation I'm going through, even though he is completely unaware of my circumstances. It makes me realize that it is God himself speaking to me through those individuals. Maybe God has spoken to you through a pastor or a Christian friend. Or perhaps He has been speaking to you through circumstances. Listen carefully, and remember that He will never contradict His Word.


Nobody can drive a parked car.  Many never move forward because of fear. Fear that they may make a mistake, go the wrong way, or the up most fear of all . . . fear that they may fail. These people are not going against the will of God. Yet, the sin is just as dreadful because they are not reaching for it either. Honestly . . . you will probably make some mistakes in your journey. However, we serve a God that forgives and He is a God of second chances. Don’t just sit there; get busy and take hold of what God has for you. Once you begin to move in the direction you feel God leading from doing the above steps, be patient and watch God connect the pieces.

7. REST ON THE DECISION  On the seventh day God rested after He created the world. After taking 7 days in seeking God over a particular area the last day REST in the decision. If you do not have a decision yet...Rest and start over the following week. God will not leave you hanging, He will speak to you! Make sure you are in church that Sunday also because many times God speaks through a pastors sermon! I hope this helps. I use this method all the time when seeking a direction. Many times when I feel stuck in the middle of a DREAM or DESIRE I go back to this 7  day method and God always confirms His direction for me. I used this method during big house moves, ministry changes and more. I also want to recommend a journal or notebook you can jot the word of God down in and the circumstances you see lining up. The journal helps me see my problem areas against Gods will many times and the written pushes me to make the MOVE Tuck these steps away in a safe place, they can be life changing if put to use! Blessings, Heather Baxter

May God help us all to not only find His will, but to do it!

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