July 21,2020 (Below is a pdf of Journaling and bible study for you)

At our beginning God created everything that was through His Word. That Word was the power of life, of creativity. That Word was Jesus, before His took on physical form. He was part of the Godhead from the beginning. He was the active part during creation. God spoke each and every thing into being and His Word saw to it that everything He spoke came to pass.

I don’t know that I’m being any clearer that John in trying to express the beauty of the unity Jesus has with His Father from the start. How the full Godhead was present and working as one in the making of our existence.

In the Word was life, creativity, action for the process. This life was the light or hope of mankind. Without Him there was only darkness. But HE would overcome the darkness.

Have you ever noticed that the darkness is always there.

All it takes for the darkness to leave though is one light. Even a small light impacts the darkness. Jesus’ light, while here with us on earth, started small but grew as He stepped further into the fullness of God’s plan. He was the Promise (Word) working out God’s plan to shatter the darkness in which man was trapped. By the time He stepped back into Heaven, His light was burning bright enough to shatter the darkness. But we will get to that point a little at a time.

Father God, thank You for the Light. Thank You for making the plan of salvation even before You said, “Let there be …” You knew what lay ahead but You spoke us into being anyway. Lord Jesus, thank You that You didn’t refuse to bring God’s words into being. You knew what would be called for from the beginning, but You chose to follow the Father’s plans anyway. Thank You for bringing Your light. Without it I would have no hope at all. I would be forever wandering and blind. Please guide and guard me as I walk through Your word. Open my mind, heart and spirit to receive what You have stored in here for me. Help me communicate clearly the things You share with me so others can benefit as well.


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