How To Dig A Well

Like Isaac did, we can dig a well and make room for God to move.

Here are 5 ways that we can ‘dig a well’ for spiritual breakthrough:

1. Choose the Ground

Ask the Lord to show you where He would have you concentrate your prayers and efforts for breakthrough at this time. It could be one area or many. It could be your home and family, your church or ministry, your community, a relationship, or someone you would like to see come to Jesus.

2. Prepare for the Work Ahead

This is where we resolve that we want God to move. Now is the time to reflect. We are not satisfied with living by our own strength, neither are we content with the results that we have seen up until now.

We long for God to get the glory in our household, church, and place of study or work, and we will not settle for less than Jesus’ best.

Ask the Spirit to fill you and stir up in you the inner resource of resolve that you need to start digging and to keep going until breakthrough happens and His life, power and provision is released.

3. Start Digging

It’s time to break ground–to begin somewhere, no matter how small our efforts may seem at first.

We must dig deep to locate water. We dig primarily by praying, and we pray because God is our Source. He is the Living Water. We are totally reliant upon Him. We start with prayer, but we do not stop at prayer. We also dig by listening to what the Lord is saying for our situation and obeying Him. We dig by speaking life-giving words.

4. Persevere–Keep On Digging

The ground may be hard, others may give up, but we must stay and persevere. This choice will confront us again and again.

Recently I have been meditating on this. I have resolved to, when I encounter dry ground, not to give up and move on, but to dig a well in the place God has called me.

5. Focus on the Water, not the Dirt

When digging a well, there is a lot of dirt to encounter before we reach the water. We can easily be tempted to pay attention to the things that are wrong or less than perfect in our situation, church or relationships.

Don’t focus on the dirt to be removed, focus on the water that to be received. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Remember, nothing is too difficult for God, and if He has given you a vision, it will be fulfilled.

A well represents provision and life.

A physical well can provide drink—and therefore life—to a community. When we determine that we are going to dig a well, it is not just about ourselves, but for many.