Where Can You Find Wisdom?

Happy Friday

March 27, 2021


Today we talked about wisdom in the Live study below.

Please take a second and leave a comment on what jumped into your "KNOWER" from today's lesson.

One thing I hear often from women is "I do not have time to do the study or to get into anything."

My passion is to make wisdom attainable, easy and exiting. We cannot afford to not meet with wisdom. Bible study falls by the wayside because we simply have so many things crammed in our day. However, for me, the days I don’t have time for Bible study are not because I didn’t have any time. They happen because I didn’t prioritize my time well enough.

The things that fill my day are the things I allowed to take priority in my life. Some of these things are really great things, like spending time with my family. Some of these things are not as awesome.

What are your priorities?

It takes effort to make God a priority. You won’t just find that you made time for Bible study without any thought about how. Today, do one thing to make time for God. Even if that means that you only make five minutes. Use those minutes to ask God to help you make this a priority in your daily life.

How are you going to make time for Bible study? If you have already made time for Bible study, but you aren’t really sure how to study the Bible, let me know in the comments what tools may help and I will do some teaching on this topic!

Wisdom is waiting for you sister, LEAN IN!

Blessings, Heather

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