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Contact me today about starting RUN as a community group in your church! 
I would love to encourage a rich growing time with God! 

Winning the spiritual Race does not depend upon how fast you Run; it is determined by how you Run. There is a right way and wrong way to Run. Having an organized Training plan is your only chance to make it to the Finish Line. This book study will become a personal Training manual. Run will give you instructions and resources that will equip you to win the Race. The Christian life is often described as a Race – one designed by God. In it, we are called to fulfill His purposes for us. We need to be in spiritual shape. Trying to run a marathon is very different from Training to run a marathon. Let’s get fit – we can’t quit when the going gets rough. We can go through all the religious stunts, but unless there is a desire to Train to be like Jesus, few make it and many fall to defeat. A great factor in success is consistency. We may start out in front, leading, but if we do not stay consistent, we become entangled in the affairs of this life. God has called you to Run the Race set before you! Fall on your knees through this study and embrace your Race! It’s possible to Run the entire Race, and even cross the Finish Line, only to realize you have been disqualified because you did not Run in such a way. Life is not a game with no lasting consequences. The way we Run has eternal consequences. Lace up, friend; you have a Race to win!


"This Bible Study has literally stretched me in ways that I truly have never experienced or expected. It is filled with Scripture from beginning to end and what I love is that we actually Write it out.
The memorization of scripture is something I've always wanted to do, but never really committed to. Through this study I am actually doing that for the first time.
Heather's style of writing and presenting of Biblical truths has set a fire under my feet to RUN in such a way as to get the prize.

I highly recommend this study to anyone who wants to draw closer to our heavely Father, who longs to Dream Big and Experience the Lords callimg on their life. RUN is the study for you.
Pick it up today.. And Get ready to Experience God's Presence in this Race we call Life."
"One of the best Bible study journals I've ever worked through. I call it a journal because that is how Heather takes you through each day, each week and each topic, focusing on Biblical Truth to address specific "mile markers" along this race called LIFE and encouraging the "runner" to write, write, write--Bible verses, insights, thoughts, feelings, frustrations--in the empty spaces intentionally provided within each page of the book. This is a study that can be started and finished with victory by someone who's new to running a spiritual race while at the same time providing significant uphill stretches of road to challenge the experienced runner who is more familiar with Bible studies/journaling and those at any level who want to dig deep and train hard. This is a study that can and should be repeated since we have a lifetime to run the spiritual race set before us."
Heather's work to put Run: Believe, Behold, and Become together is not only a gift, but a blessing. Run has answered my prayer to walk/run closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and confirming I'm heading in the right direction. This thought provoking material and scripture references, directed a deeper look at my human frailty and the strength I have in Jesus Christ. This is not a fill in the blanks bible study, if you don't grow your not running the race (or doing the work). This study came at a time in my life when major life changes are on the horizon along with a desire to be exactly where Christ wants me.
Thank you Heather!
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