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Pastor Heather Baxter 

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Welcome to HB Ministries Featured Library

The Proverbs study is offered in several different formats to meet the needs of every sister! Many love a nice book formatted with beautiful paper and covers. Some sisters love printing and designing their journals in a create unique way. The ministry will always help you make the best adventure with God's word. On the left you will see an online order form for sisters that cannot meet the price points for the beautifully published book on amazon or the printing cost for the original cost for the PDF download. HB Ministries believes that God provides in so many ways. Thank you to every sister that purchases a book from amazon  or purchases the PDF in the ministry digital store or even makes a donation  to the ministry. This makes it possible for us to offer the studies on a donation basis to help meet everyones budget needs! Please join us for the fall study in the book of Proverbs! 

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