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A FIVE WEEK journey through the Bible to strengthen women's faith they are able to BLOOM where they are planted and Experience God's Will for their life.

When you need to lift your spirits or tackle life's challenges, the Bible is always there to offer guidance. This inspiring Bible study for women combines a daily reading plan with weekly opportunities to reflect, discuss, and explore how God's wisdom can be applied to your daily life.

A Christian bible study for women:

  • Themed weekly readings—All verses for a given week tie together with themes that relate to that week to help women persevere and dream big in their season of growth.
  • Your favorite translation—The included reading plans work with any translation, allowing you to use your favorite Bible to connect with God more deeply.
  • Journaling pages to help study—Explore the interactive questions, Bible journaling prompts, and prayers on your own or in a group setting of any denomination.
  • Don't forget the companion journal for personal use—Use this Bible study for personal growth or in a Small Group. The Workbook: Bloom where planted in five weeks! Practice your faith with friends and loved ones!
  • Follow all the teachings that go along side this study on the social media platforms and You Tube playlist


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