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Heather Baxter is an author, conference speaker, a bible-teacher, and a wife and mother of three. Heather's passion is to EMPOWER others to STAND inspired by Gods plan and purposes.

She is also like you, an ordinary person who trusts in a real God to bring her through real life challenges to live an Extraordinary life!  She isn’t perfect, but her God is. It’s only through His presence and power that Heather is able to encourage and equip others to live a God-inspired life that far exceeds your limits.

Heather grew up in a devoted Catholic family. This life was her kind of normal. 


However, when she entered her first year in college and began life on her own she realized she had no life giving spiritual compass. Life was a party. Full of false happiness. Her freshmen year in college her parents divorced after 27 years of marriage. 


That first semester of college at CMU she fell out of the back of a pick up truck after leaving a party and was left in the road till an ambulance took her to the CMU hospital.

She had broken ribs, a split vertabre and could not walk.

She took time off to heal and went home to pretty much an empty house since one parent moved out, home life became distorted.

Divorce is not always easy and it was hard on the whole family.

She returned back to college and it wasn't long before she made another life altering decision. She found herself sitting in an abortion clinic realizing that she made another unforgiven mistake.


Scared and numb she carried on with an intense emotional scar.

The following year, still finding love and fulfillment in the wrong places she ended up in the same clinic a second time. Now she said "I am a complete failure."

She remembers the end of that year sitting in a college class thinking "I have NO goals, NO purpose and NO plans."

So worthless and full of shame she visited a little catholic church on campus. She sat in the back and worshiped in the only way she knew how.


But God heard her cry.

She was so far from God and was tired of running but did not know where or how to run with God.


That initial desire and cry out toward God was a step in the right direction and God began to move in her life in ways that she did not at first understand but now when she looks back every friend or relationship after the day she cried out in that little church in the middle of CMU was all part of Gods will, including her husband whom she met at CMU.

Heathers story continued to unfold but she never FULLY surrendered until after her marriage hit a huge obstacle. At this time she fell lower then before, this was her PIT. God continued His work through people in her life. Heather crossed the line of faith and truly accepted Christ as her savior during her marriage crisis, this was the moment everything changed. The Holy Spirit began to retrieve the missing pieces and till this day the puzzle is coming together one piece at a time. Now with a true spiritual compass she began to grow and learn to RUN in such a way!


She is the author of RUN: Believing, beholding and becoming all God has purposed for you. After a decade of leading women's studies, mentorships and more in her home and local church she decided to move her ministry forward and outward. God told her to keep preparing for the great dreams and visions. Heather's passion for inspiring success while building the faith has made her a new and upcoming leader, Christian author and speaker in the faith community.

She is founder of HB Ministries, a ministry for the Holy & Broken. Heather is working on her second book study which will help others learn how to stand in their Destiny!

During Peri menopause Heather experienced DEBILITATING anxiety and panic attacks and this had her crying out loud again in that season.

Heather will always encourage women to BLOOM where they are planted. She will inspire you to get through every season by helping you keep your eyes on HIM, the author and finisher of your faith.  

Heather's speaking topics are relevant and real, she’s convinced God uses her life to provide  illustrations for His timeless truths that women of all ages can relate to.  Her evangelistic style moves hearts toward Christ and His saving grace.

Heather resides in Livonia, Mi.  with her husband and their three teen children. She would love to                with you!

Do you often wonder, “Am I missing something?”... 


Then God wants to take you deeper!

Life is so full of pressure that contentment often feels out of reach. Then again, what if I told you strength and courage could by yours?

What if you knew the secret to a life of satisfaction no matter your circumstances? Like Paul teaches in 1 Corinthians 9, “Run in such a way to WIN."

Heather's personal desire is to see others freed from the bondage of guilt and grief while teaching them how to breath in the vision that God has for them so they can RUN TO WIN! 

Grab a copy of Heather's first published bible study today!  


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