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Journaling and Dreaming BIG is set up for you in this 2024 vision board workbook, author and Spiritual Life Coach Heather explains how you can make your dreams and hopes a living reality.

Through The Principles and Power of creating Visions, you will….

  • Discover your Gods purpose for your life.
  • Learn how to create a quarterly LIFE WHEEL
  • Understand why vision is essential to your success and specific season of life
  • Grasp the necessary reset prompts for fulfilling your life’s dream with quarterly reviews
  • Develop a specific plan for achieving your vision through prompts and daily routines
  • Overcome obstacles to your vision.

This 200 plus workbook provides you with time-tested principles that will enable you to fulfill your vision no matter who you are or where you come from. God has an exact blueprint for each person!

You were not meant for an ordinary life. Pursue the extra ordinary in every area of life!
Courtney inspires us to slow down and reflect in God's word. She provides tools and inspiration all year. Join her and the HB Women's community at
Let your Faith Adventure Begin!


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