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This Proverbs Woman Bible Study is an intentional way to deepen your understanding of scripture; develop a Bible study routine you can actually stick to; and allow the transformative power of the Holy Spirit to mold you, into the Godly Woman you were designed to be

Over the course of 31-Days, our Bible study will help you:

  • Fully know and appreciate your role as a woman, wife, mother, and friend: Knowing this will totally change the way you see yourself, through God’s eyes – not as an afterthought, but as a POWERFUL forethought!
  • Feel empowered, as a Woman after God’s own heart: Consider for a moment being able to fully know your worth and value, as a Christian woman and then walking boldly in that truth!
  • Grow more intimately with the Lover of your Soul: God longs for more closeness with you (and you with him), as His beloved daughter – and now you can truly dedicate time, to cultivating a more intimate relationship with Him!
  • Learn more bible study tips and tools 
  • Hear the voice of God more clearly 
  • Experience the growth and transformation that only the Holy Spirit can bring to your life
  • Refreshen your spiritual walk with God and His Word: Look, sometimes between marriage, children, jobs, ministry, and just life happening all around you, it’s easy to grow stale in your spiritual walk. Our Proverbs Study will help you engage in the Word and be transformed


Designed With You In Mind!

Our 280-Page companion workbook includes: YES 280 PAGES


  • Customized daily scripture study pages using the SOAP Method – a meaningful Bible Study template for the novice and expert alike! We utilized the SOAP method with new bible tools to help you study scripture
  • Soul-searching guided Reflection and Question pages, so you can ponder and ask yourself those hard questions – allowing the Holy Spirit to truly transform you into the Proverbs  Woman he wants you to become!
  • Blank Notes Pages to add your own thoughts, questions, and prayers
  • PODCASTS on the Beautiful Messy Show with note pages for show notes included! 
  • Exclusive Study Video Lessons weekly  with in-depth scripture commentary, symbolism, and key word, verse mapping teachings – Daily encouragement on social media from me for personal accountability and deeper introspection
  • Weekly Newsletters from the ministry personal accountability  – just be sure to register
  • Everything you need to dig deep into God’s Word, study consistently, grow more intimately, and learn about the powerful attributes of 31 Chapters in Proverbs! 

    Siste, It’s Time For YOU To Have A Transformative Experience, In The Word Of God!

  • Join the FaceBook Community Group for more support in our monthly bible studies

  • Watch endless replay teachings for all the teachings under the Proverbs bible study playlist on You Tube.




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